How to Disable a Car Tracking Device

How to Disable a Car Tracking Device

GPS tracking devices are regular in cars today. They might be accommodating when you need to discover a location or when your car has been taken and you need to track it. By and by, exceptional explanations exist to recognize impairing your car’s tracking device. You might feel uncomfortable with the thought that you are always trackable in your car. You might basically discover the system annoying. On the other hand you might need to use a hand-held system rather. Whatever your explanation for why, you may as well find it decently straightforward to incapacitate the car’s GPS system in the event that you pick.


  1. Locate the GPS device. Commonly the device is underneath the car yet it may be in the inner part. It would appear that a little rectangular box and is generally dark or ash. Another regular situation is underneath the guard.
  2. Open the GPS device and uproot the electric storage device. Assuming that the electric cell isn’t there to power the device, the device can’t work. This is not an choice on all car GPS devices, however its the simplest way to cripple the vehicle’s GPS system if a removable electric storage device is available.
  3. Unplug and uproot the device. Assuming that you can effectively see how the GPS device is plugged into the vehicle, you can safely evacuate it. Sometimes the GPS system is joined attractively, in which case you can just pull the device off the vehicle.

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